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Lee University Baseball Stadium

Cleveland, TN

This stadium with structural steel, masonry, and precast replaced the old aluminum stands.

Alter High School Arts Wing

Kettering, OH

This two story addition (15,500 square feet) has load bearing masonry walls with primarily a steel bar joist floor and roof. Floor framing also includes cold formed steel framing to form stepped floors for auditorium seating. Floors transition between the existing three story building and the new two story building to create a seamless experience for the students.

Lee University Dorms

Cleveland, TN

Wood framed townhouse dorms.

LaCroft Elementary School

East Liverpool, OH

This 28,000 square foot project includes a gymnasium and classroom addition to the existing school as well as an expansion of the cafeteria, media center, and existing classroom wing. Structural renovations of the existing building include removal of all roof decking, resetting existing joists to get proper roof slope and installing new decking.

Lee University Leonard Center

Cleveland, TN

A two story, approximately 12,000 square foot medical clinic for Lee University. The building is framed with a wood truss roof and steel bar joist floor bearing on a mix of concrete masonry walls and steel wide flange frames.

Lee University Education Building

Cleveland, TN

A three story, 60,000 square foot facility for the university's music and education program. Construction was generally concrete masonry and precast plank with a wood framed roof. In the music practice room areas as well as the two auditoriums, a mixture of steel bar joist and composite beam framing was used as necessary to accommodate the sound isolation necessary.

St. Paul School

North Canton, OH

This building is an expansion of the parish's existing facility. Much of the footprint of this 21,250 square foot structure consists of a one story (8,100 square foot) gymnasium and stage. The remaining 13,150 square feet is located on three levels that house mechanical and classroom areas which will be tied in to the main school facility in a future phase. The site for this project required that the gymnasium sit level to grade on one side and twelve feet out of grade on the opposite side.

St. Ursula Academy

Cincinnati, OH

This 30,000 square foot gymnasium and convocation center is set twelve feet into the ground to allow the gymnasium floor to align with the soccer field at the rear of the building. The tight site requirements required foundation designs that could accommodate the street on one side, the soccer field on a second and an existing building owned by others on a third. A suspended running track rings the gymnasium and ties into the second floor seating level and also doubles as a viewing area for convocations.

Lee University Student Center

Cleveland, TN

This building is a three story, 29,500 square foot building has a wood truss roof, precast concrete plank floors, and load bearing masonry walls that bear on concrete spread footings. The main entry is offset with a sixty foot tall clock tower framed with a steel skeleton to support the masonry walls and precast floors. Lateral stability is also obtained through an unusual mix of concrete masonry shear walls and steel rigid frames. This design was necessary due to an architectural requirement that the third floor be only one third the size of the second floor while leaving the second floor plan as open as possible. By using a complex system of tie beams and reinforced walls, the client's design and owner's desires were met completely.

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