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City Home

Cincinnati, OH

This project is a multiple phase development in Over the Rhine. PEI provided structural consultation services for the construction of new townhomes on Pleasant Street.

The Lofts at Fountain Square

Cincinnati, OH

The Lofts project converted existing office space into residential space. Services provided included load capacity assessment of the structural systems and structural design for the new stair/elevator tower located within the existing building.

Palisades of Mt. Adams

Cincinnati, OH

This seven story, 36,000 square foot condominium has a level of parking below the lowest level of each part of the building. The project is rather complex for two primary reasons: a) it is located on a hillside that varies by thirty feet from one end of the project to the other and b) the soil is unstable over the underlying bedrock. To address both of these conditions the building was first set at an elevation such that approximately half of the building's footprint would be founded directly on bedrock with shallow, spread footings. Drilled concrete piers and grade beams were then used for the other half of the building to allow the foundations to bear on the same soil strata throughout and to allow for anchorage against sliding on the hillside. To save on excavation into the bedrock, the lowest level steps up the hillside such that the lower level parking at the south end is actually two stories above the lower level parking at the north end. Other complex design issues with this project included twenty foot tall retaining walls, temporary shoring of the adjacent street, and multiple balconies cantilevered as much as twelve feet from supporting columns.

Towne Square Lofts

Blue Ash, OH

A 48,000 square foot, four story condominium building with steel framing. This site is somewhat limited and as a result, a one story parking garage is located halfway under the building. This arrangement was done to reap the cost savings of not having to shore the adjacent roadway while still meeting the parking requirements.

18 East Fourth Street

Cincinnati, OH

The Fourth National Bank building, which was one of Cincinnati's first skyscrapers, was converted from office space to residential use. Services provided included load relocating the existing elevator and stair tower from one bay to another within the existing building footprint. Floor capacity assessment was also done as well as a lateral stability analysis of the building to allow for new openings on one side for garages.

Erie Avenue Apartments

Cincinnati, OH

This project was comprised of twenty-three 16,000 square foot, four story buildings. The site for this project is a hillside which resulted in a complex foundation design for nearly every building. Most buildings had foundations which stepped to follow the site. These walkout conditions required careful design to meet the structural needs to retain up to fourteen feet of soil while meeting the budget needs of the owner. One of the most unusual foundations was for the building which is located over a previously infilled ravine - a fill condition over forty feet in depth. Soil bridging and preloading were used to eliminate the need to remove and replace these uncontrolled fill materials.

East Seventh Street (Sycamore Place) Lofts

Cincinnati, OH

This seven story building was renovated from office space to apartment lofts. Work included structural assessment prior to the building purchase and structural designs for reinforcing, additions, and alterations for construction documents as well asstructural assessment of the existing systems to confirm compliance with the building code.

Rosmur Vue Condominiums

Cincinnati, OH

Rosmur was the conversion of an existing vacated, cast-in-place concrete paint factory into residential space. Services provided included load capacity assessment of the structural systems, structural design for the new stair/elevator tower located outside the existing building, a new roof deck system, and specifications for the restoration of the concrete structure.

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