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Private Residence (ADWS1)

Seaman, OH

Private Residence (GeoFaze1)

Willow City, TX

Structural insulated panel project for which PEI designed the panel system.

Private Residence (ZDG3)

Cincinnati, OH

Private Residence (JG1)

Clermont County, OH

This one story, 3,400 square foot house features large outdoor patios, a roof terrace, and expansive glass connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces. The architectural design called for large timber columns to support the roof. A steel plate assembly was used at the base of columns with anchors embedded deep into the foundation system to create moment connections for these timber columns, thus providing lateral stabiltiiy for the structure.

Private Residence (ZDG2)

Cincinnati, OH

Private Residence (ZDG1)

Cincinnati, OH

City Home

Cincinnati, OH

This project is a multiple phase development in Over the Rhine. PEI provided structural consultation services for the construction of new townhomes on Pleasant Street.

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