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Saint Vincent de Paul Service Center

Cincinnati, OH

PEI has worked on many projects for SVdP. This project was a new two story building to consolidate their services into one center and provide office space for support of those services.

Goodwill/Easter Seals Miami Valley

Dayton, OH

This building, having 80,000 square feet of space on three levels, is the main community services campus for GESMV.

Montgomery Gateway II

Montgomery, OH

This building is a two story structure with 17,500 square feet of office space on a slightly sloped site. The building fa

Pentagon Point

Dayton, OH

A 38,400 square foot, two story office with a fairly open footprint and elevations. To keep structural costs down and accommodate the building openness, knee braced frames where located at selected frames.

Riverside Research

Dayton, OH

This 32,500 square foot, two story office used diagonally braced bays to provide lateral stability efficiently without interfering with the overall building appearance.

College Park Building Three

Dayton, OH

The client for this project had done an identical building prior to the current project which is a two story, 52,000 square foot office building. PEI was asked to do the second building and was able to save several tons of steel and cubic yards of concrete over the previous design.

Church of God International Headquarters

Cleveland, TN

This project included two 45,000 square foot, two story buildings of similar construction. Each building had a partial basement. These buildings had two story atriums running through the building centers with clerestory windows at the top and bridges through them to connect the second floor. The second floor was set back to create terraces at various points around the building and to add visual interest to the buildings.

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