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Grissom Hangar 200

Peru, IN

This hangar project was to renovate an existing hangar for use as a shop to paint aircraft. It included 53,000 square feet of new space added onto two sides of an existing hangar. PEI provided the design of augercast concrete pile foundations and the building superstructure which is steel framed with spans up to 245 feet and higher clear heights than the original building to allow for tail clearance of the larger planes which this building will now accommodate. Additionally, PEI provided analysis of the existing building and design of reinforcing as required for the addition of over thirty exhaust stacks up to 60 inches in diameter. These stacks extend approximately forty feet above the existing roof and provide ventilation for large filters as shown in the picture at the right. As the existing building is a three-dimensional space truss cantilevered from center masts, both additions were designed to be independent of the existing building.

Executive Jet Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH

In addition to the foundation design for this 80,000 square foot hangar and support building structure, PEI designed the main structural truss frame that span 145' and carries the pre-engineered metal building frames. Thus, the metal building frames are designed as two spans with the truss frame acting as the center column for the metal building frames and creating the large open hangar bay.

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